15 Mar 2022

Live newsroom at an advertising festival

Stories about the thirty-year history of advertising in Slovenia


Slovenian Advertising Chamber



Avtor prispevka

Kristijan Radikovič

The Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF) is the main advertising festival in Slovenia, organized by the Slovenian Advertising Chamber. Each year, SOF presents awards to the best advertisments and advertising campaigns. The festival also hosts internationally acclaimed speakers, who present the best practices and advertising trends. In 2021, the organizers invited us to set up a live newsroom at the event.


SOF is a festival with a thirty-year-long history, which highlights the best practices in the Slovene and global advertising industry. Due to the looming climate crisis and the increasing need for sustainable practices, the main theme of the 30th SOF was sustainable advertising. Aside from renowned speakers, such as Aljoša Bagola, Kukla and Matea Benedetti, our company director also took the stage – this time as a moderator.

We are always eager to attend advertising festivals. Not only because of quality line-ups and knowledgeable speakers, but also for networking and crazy parties. This is why we are always extatic when the Slovenian Advertising Chamber invites us to set a live newsroom at their festival. They also invited us in 2021, when the festival was curtailed to a single day and relocated from the Portorož seafront to Litostroj in Ljubljana.


At the 30th, we got our very own corner, where we set up a cozy little filming studio. We invited renowned speakers for a short interview and asked them to share their memories of SOF and present their own views on how we could make the Slovene advertising industry more sustainable. We edited some of the interviews on the spot and screened them at the festival, while others were edited post-festum and posted by the Slovenian Advertising Chamber on their social media channels.

In addition to the interviews with acclaimed guests, we also produced a report video. Featuring statements by the organizers and other guests as well as B-roll footage from the event, the video encapsulated and presented the atmosphere at the 30th Slovenian Advertising Festival. You can view the video at the top of this page.