7 Apr 2022

Changing the perception of a state company

Strategic conetent communication can improve the reputation of a brand


Slovenian State Forests (SiDG)



Avtor prispevka

Kristijan Radikovič


Before the start of cooperation with our brand newsroom, Slovenian State Forests has a bad reputation due to political plots and unfavorable media coverage. Our main goal was to set up digital communication channels on social media and regularly post content to enable the state company to improve its reputation with well-thought-out communication.

As we began our cooperation, we were surprised with the low number of followers on their social media – they only had 2,000 of them on Facebook and 200 on Instagram. These relatively low numbers meant a relatively low reach, so our secondary goal in cooperating with the Slovenian State Forests was to increase the number of followers on their social media channels.

One extra challenge was the fact that the company didn’t have a content strategy (nor could it afford one), so we had to approach the project step by step. This means that we had to continuously monitor and analyse the engagement of our posts and find determine what type of content the client’s followers engaged with the most.


Our culture is an instant one, which means our attention span is dropping fast. Thus, video is one of the most effective formats since it demands little attention. This is why we decided we would produce video stories about forests, the forestry industry as well as the company’s employees and partners, which we would publish on the Facebook and Instagram profiles of the Slovenian State Forests.

Based on our experience in TV newsrooms we inferred that the followers of Slovenian State Forests on Facebook and Instagram would appreciate video stories about employees and animals. And we were right, but only partly. It turned out that our client’s target audience preferred human faces to imagery of the animal kingdom by far.

Therefore, we decided that most of our stories would focus on presenting the various profiles of our client’s employees and contractors. Nevertheless, we still post content about current events every once in a while. This allows us to infor the public about the activities that the Slovenian State Forests participate in.


By regularly monitoring the engagement of our client’s followers and continuously posting stories based on the key indicators, we have surpassed both our own and our client’s expectations. In merely four years, we have substantially increased the reach and improved the public perception of the Slovenian State Forests.

Today, they have more than 21,300 followers on Facebook and 2,400 followers on Instagram – this is over ten times more than what they had at the beginning of our cooperation. The engagement that they see today is also much higher than it was in 2018. The post with the highest engagement on Facebook thus has over 3,000 likes, and the most engaged-with post on Instagram is a little shy of 1,000 views.