11 Apr 2022

Creative production for a Kickstarter campaign

A captivating story can bring any idea to life


H2O Globe



Avtor prispevka

Kristijan Radikovič

H2O Globe is a young company which developed an application for divers across the globe. The application allows them to find their next diving destination, purchase diving equipment and network. Upon their establishment, the company wanted to raise funds for their campaign on Kickstarter. To do so, they needed a convincing video.


The H2O Globe brand was established in 2019 by an eager team of diving enthusiasts who lacked an application that would enable divers to find new diving destinations and facilitate community networking. Thus, they decided to develop the app themselves. But they lacked resources for development and the launch, so they decided to raise them with a Kickstarter campaign.

If’ve ever come across a Kickstarter campaign, you most probably noticed that the most successful campaigns, which reached or exceeded their funding goals, are always accompanied by a video presentation of the project. And video is definitely the best medium for such endeavors as it demands less attention and engagement from the viewer than a lengthy text.

The H2O Globe team was well aware of this. This is why they turned to our brand newsroom, which had just been established a couple of months before, to draw up video concept and produce the video. Our team joined their forces and came up with a an idea for a video, which we are still proud of to this day.


Our team believes that storytelling is the most effective method of communicating the values and vision of a brand. This was our rule of thumb and guiding principle in creating the video that would present the H2O Globe application. Thus, we conceptualized, filmed and produced a video that presents the mission of the brand by means of a story.

One of the main objectives of the H2O Globe app is to facilitate networking in the diving community, so we came up with two protagonists. The app brings our heroes together based on their common interests, similar lifestyles and the fact that they live in the same environment – like some sort of Tinder for divers. Once they get to know each other, they immediately click, marking the beginning of their joint exploration of the (underwater) world.


The video produced by our brand newsroom fulfilled its mission and H2O Globe successfully reached their Kickstarter goal, raising the funds to develop and launch their application. Not only that, they were so satisfied with our work that they invited us to produce their application launch, which was live-streamed from Krk, Croatia.

Our team packed all our livestream equipment and set off for the Croatian island in the Kvarner region, where we set up an open-air studio right on the beach. We set up the studio control room, turned on our cameras, equipped the speakers with microphones and started the stream. The livestream, which was also viewed by people who backed the project on Kickstarter, was a success. Today, the app is used by divers all around the world.