12 Apr 2022

Employer branding video series for an IT company

Facilitation of talent hunting through quality content and storytelling





Avtor prispevka

Kristijan Radikovič

NIL is one of the first providers of IT and cyber-security services in Slovenia. But despite their long history and the status of a leading IT company in Slovenia, they are being faced with a shortage of personnel. The talent hunting battle in IT is a real struggle, and NIL is also facing the increasing problem of poaching – i.e. other IT companies “stealing” their employees.


Today’s society is largely driven by digitalization, hence the need for developers and cyber security experts is increasing exponentially. This also means that the wages and salaries in the industry are substantially higher than average salaries. Successful global IT companies find it easy to attract new employees by offering sky-high payment, but these new employees are often poached from other companies in the industry.

“There are more than one million cyber security vacancies across the globe.”
― Jan Bervar, NIL

Also facing this problem NIL, a Slovene company recently acquired by Danish IT giant Conscia. NIL suffered a blow to their reputation after some former and current employees expressed their dissatisfaction with NIL’s organization culture, salaries and work conditions on Glassdoor. Since the latter is a highly popular portal for job seekers in the IT and cyber-security industry, the blow taken by NIL was massive.

In order to improve their reputation, NIL wanted to create an employer branding video that would present the company as a good employer and increase the number of job applications they receive. At the same time, they wanted to use their video at a business forum in Bled, Slovenia. They contacted our company to draw up a concept and produce the video. After a couple of introductory discussions and a thorough research, we turned the project upside down.


Instead of one employer branding video, we proposed that we produce a series of videos in which employees would share their stories about working at NIL to present modern-day challenges of IT and cyber security. Before the actual filming took place, our former coworker Mitja Godnič thoroughly researched the subject field, which allowed him to prepare relevant questions for the interviewees.

The interviews, which were filmed over the course of two days, were first edited to produce a trailer, which NIL posted on its social media to create suspense before posting the actual videos. Next, we produced three episodes. Each of them is focused on a different aspect of IT and cyber security. The first episode talks about the enormous amounts of data produced globally. According to NIL employees, their value is comparable to the value of oil.

The second episode explores how companies use (and abuse) this data. As per NIL employees, efficient data use is the only solid basis for well-thought-out and strategic decision making. For instance, data can be used in advertising as it allows for targeted advertising, where ads are only displayed to relevant consumer groups.

The third and last episode touches upon the human factor. AI, which makes data-driven decisions, always ends up making the same decision if presented with the same data. On the other hand, people, who are in contact with the real worl, have access to a larger amount of up-to-date information and act based on their feelings, can make different decisions each time. This is why human involvement in IT and the development of AI is essential.