11 Apr 2022

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Jožef Stefan Institute



Avtor prispevka

Kristijan Radikovič

The Jožef Stefan Institute is the leading public research institution in Slovenia. With their research, scientific breakthroughs and patents, they compete with the creme-de-la-creme of the global scientific circles. The institute employs 1,000 scientists from the fields of electronics, information science, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, nuclear science and energy. To showcase their researchers and projects, they wanted to produce a video presentation.


As a public employment service, the Jožef Stefan Institute receives part of its financing from the state budget. But the scientific projects led by the institute demand a state-of-the-art infrastructure and multi-million-euro equipment which state financing cannot cover entirely. For this reason, they apply to public calls for tenders, mostly European ones, where they get a hefty portion of the resources necessary for an on-going infrastructure development and the salaries of their
highly educated employees.

Among the most important tenders that they apply to are tenders by the European Research Council (ERC), which the frameworks of which both established and young researchers implement their projects at the central scientific institution in Slovenia. The management of the institute thus wanted to produce a video that would present the most notable projects that they lead within the framework of the ERC.


The concept and storyboard for the video was created in cooperation with the Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation at the Jožef Stefan Institute. Its mission is to ensure that the technologies and innovative solutions develop at the institute fin their rightful in practice and thus contribute to the development of our economy, the advance of information science and environmentalism.

We filmed their scientists while they were doing their work and asked them to present their projects and their application. The video was equipped with animated graphics laying out the key information about the institute and the projects that it leads within the framework of the ERC. The employees of the Jožef Stefan Institute were so thrilled with the video that we are already preparing a whole new series of videos for them.