12 Apr 2022

Information booklet about Slovene MEPs

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European Parliament



Avtor prispevka

Kristijan Radikovič

The European Parliament is one of the three legislative pillars of the European Union. It comprises members of parliamentary parties from member states. In the European Parliament, Slovenia is (currently) represented by eight members, which are elected at the Slovenian European Parliamentary election. At the beginning of their term, they are presented in a dedicated booklet. The last one was made by our brand newsroom.


The concept for the booklet was prepared in cooperation with the House of the EU – the central information point in Slovenia, where anyone can learn how the European Union operates. And since politics, especially European politics, are unknown and obscure to most Slovenes, our client wanted to present the Slovene MEPs in a more personal way to bring them closer to people.

In the booklet, our client also wanted to briefly present the organizational structure of the European Parliament, the numerical representation of Slovenia and some key information about the European Parliament, such as its age and gender composition or the number of official languages, which are equal in all bodies of the European Union. We wanted to present this information by means of infographics to make sure they are clear and easily understood.


First, we conducted in-depth interviews with Slovene MEPs. We asked them about the most topical political topics: the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Green Deal, the empowerment of young people and the strengthening of the European economy. In addition to this, we also asked some personal questions, for instance about their first jobs, favorite books, hobbies and how they take care of their health.

After the interviews, we also conducted a thorough research to obtain current statistical data about the age and gender composition of the European Parliament, the number of plenary sessions as well as the number of decisions made and laws passed in the last term. Due to the sheer extent of the data obtained, we had to drop some highlights in the final version of the booklet, only keeping the most important ones.